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Today’s, one of the biggest revolution using technologies is  e-commerce shopping system. It also has
almost the same facility as a general physical market possesses.


E-commerce shopping is a process in which people (specifically
customers) are being provided with the option of purchasing goods and services
directly from the seller, all in real time environment.

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This application known as electronic commerce. From the business view,
customers usually find the products more attractive, on websites, as they get
all products details available the site.


People in large numbers are doing online shopping today, and it is not
only because it is convenient as one can shop from home, but also because there
are wide amount of varieties available, with high competition of prices, and
also it is easy to handle for searching regarding any particular item.


For sellers, their product have access to whole world wide market, which
also increases the number of customers and improve the customer relationships
with seller. Also the web stores are a means for the small scale companies to
launch their products at global level.


The main objective of this project is to develop a web oriented application
which can provide an online shopping feature to users. In other words, the
project aimed at creating a virtual shop environment for users, in some handy
form, which will be available to them through internet. Even though the idea of
developing online shopping websites are not new in the electronic market and
has been developed soon after the world wide web (www). In the present
situation the largest market for online shopping business is maintained by the
highly educated person, mostly.


This E-commerce shopping system has been created keeping in mind all the
options such as loading the data, complexity and maintaining the security of
user reference. Here in this E-commerce system, complexity refers to the total
number of features being given to users, and their smooth arrangement and
functioning required. Following are some of the key features of our system,
which differentiate it from others: 


? Show all the available
categories for shopping on the home page.

? Show all the
sub-categories on the home page, those are combined with any specific item.

?Administrator has the
control to add new particulars to the items list at any time needed.

?Permission to
administrator to delete items, anytime from the products lists.

?Allows the administrator
to change the price of every items, whenever required or felt like.

?Administrator has the
authority to update the description of each item.

?Administrator have
permission to show information about each customer who checkouts the items


The Internet has become a prime facility of modern business. Thus
e-commerce shopping has gained significance not only from the entrepreneur’s
but also from the customer’s point of view. For the entrepreneur, e-commerce
shopping generates new business chance and for the customer, it makes
approximate easy shopping possible. 


As per a study, most customers of e-commerce stores are passionate and
usually make a choice to stay on a site within the first few seconds. “Website
design is like a shop interior decoration. If the shop looks poor or like
hundreds of other shops the customer is most likely to jump over to  other shop. Therefore  we have designed the website to give the user
with easy navigation, recovery of data and necessary feedback as much as
possible. In this project, the customers are supplied with an e-commerce web
site that can be used to buy frozen food via internet. 


Normally a good shopping cart design must be followed with user-friendly
shopping cart application logic. It should be suitable for the customer to show
the contents of their cart and to be able to remove or add items to their cart.
The shopping cart application elaborated in this project provides a number of
features that are designed to make the customer more relaxed.

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