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Torres, Mikaela Ysabel A.                                                                       December
7, 2017

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“I AM LEGEND” movie


I use to watch some of Will Smith’s movie including the American
post-apocalyptic science-fiction thriller; I
Am Legend and I found the movie extraordinarily interesting to watch. Picturing
the world has been infected a supposed cure for cancer to a deadly plague; one
human being left whose name is Robert Neville (Will Smith), a scientist and the
only survivor living in New York City, USA. Dr. Robert Neville as productive
and active may be even though he has no one to talk to except his dog, Sam who
was at his side when his wife and daughter had a terrible helicopter accident
when a missile fired to them instead. Thus shows the whole scene where Robert does
the same routine every morning such as broadcasting the morning frequencies and
staying at the south street seaport everyday (mid-day) when the sun is at the
highest in the sky, plays golf as a recreation, goes to a CD/DVD store or in
his basement lab experimenting on rats to find the cure and restore mankind
from the plague; and when night comes, he is on lockdown; all his windows and
doors are barred shut with his Colt AR15 between him and his dog, Sam hiding in
the bathroom not even a blink of sleep hearing the darkseekers coming out at
ready to kill and prey on anyone getting near them. The reason why they come
out at night is because that the darkseekers are classified as vampire-like
creatures not like you see them during the 80’s or 90’s movie, but more alive
but gruesome to imagine; their own breed of monster and would do anything in
their way to find and infect you. That is when Robert Neville and his german
shepherd dog, Sam comes into the picture although Sam only appeared a few
scenes until one scene he got infected by a darkseeker while Robert got stuck
by his own trap and watched Sam died in front of him when Robert tried to cure
his dog which a sample he created before, but failed when Sam almost attacked
Dr. Neville. On the downside imagine man’s most trusted and loyal best friend
has saved you from getting killed and after he left Sam this put Dr. Neville
into a misery state driven by his own revenge and sanity of his dog’s death, he
risks himself to go on a look out and face the darkseekers alone. He survived
almost half of the darkseekers which he faced and successfully was able to make
it out through, but the creatures started to multiply and made him overwhelmed
by the amount coming at him. He was nearly killed at this point, but was rescued
by two immune survivors; Anna, a mother of the young boy named Ethan, came from
Maryland after hearing one of his broadcasts. They took Robert who was badly injured
back to his base, where Anna explained to Dr. Neville that she and Ethan had
survive the outbreak and boarded the Red Cross evacuation ship from São Paulo
and are making their way to a survivors’ camp in Bethel, Vermont. Robert
started to feel furious and then argues that no such survivors’ camp exists.

Robert Neville once again attempts to control a potential cure to the infected
woman in his laboratory, but the next night, a group of Darkseekers, who had
followed Anna and Robert, back the night before then attacks his home. Robert,
Anna, and Ethan retreated into the basement laboratory, sealing themselves in
with the female Darkseeker on which Neville has been experimenting. Discovering
that the last treatment he created cured the woman and the results showed a successful
answer to restore humanity once again. Robert tried to think of way out of the
situation as the alpha male (darkseeker) deliberately rams himself against the
glass door to break in. At that very moment, Robert Neville draws a vial of
blood from the woman he cured and gives it to Anna and tells her he final has
the cure to bring back humanity again and never to do the same mistake as to
before. Anna and Ethan escaped leading them inside a coal chute in the back of
the lab. Robert and the alpha male is now face to face both wearing their
determine face on which of them will rise and the other one to fall, bravely
Robert took out a grenade and his family picture ( him and his wife, daughter
and Sam together as a family again) he started to run up to the alpha male
while holding on to the grenade which kills the Darkseekers at the cost of his
own life, saving the cure. The next day, before dusk, Anna and Ethan discover
that her theory is right as they arrive at the survivors’ camp in Vermont. They
were greeted by the military officers and other human survivors before Anna
showed them the vial that Robert Neville inserted the cure handing it to the
military personnel.


So, what does it got to do in economics? The answer here is scarcity. The
definition of scarcity is the fundamental economic problem of having seemingly
unlimited human wants and needs in a world of limited resources. It states that
society has insufficient productive resources to accomplish all human wants and
needs. This is where the movie, I am legend comes out, because three years ago
the supposed new medicine to cure cancer, turns out to be a lethal strain
virus. When mankind loses its resources, tries to avoid an economic downfall of
having insufficient productive resources to fulfill all human wants and needs. Money
and time are examples of scarce resources. Like what had happened in the movie,
the government was challenged to something that mankind can’t control and had
no choice, but to announce an immediate evacuation. What if the government
decides to distribute resources to make the world a better place everything
clean such as clean air to breathe and a medicine to protect us from any
diseases, a number of questions arise. What methods exist to improve? Which are
the most effective in the short term, medium term and long term? What tradeoffs
come with various courses of action? Where should the money come from? Should
the government raise taxes, and if so, on what and for whom? Will the
government borrow? Will it print money? How will the government keep track of
its costs, debts and the benefits that accrue from the project (i.e.

accounting)? Shortly, the scarcity of fulfilling the human wants and needs by
providing enough more, brings up a vast array of questions about how to
efficiently distribute resources. Scarcity is the basic problem that gives rise
to economics.

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