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Type of
study & Study design: It is a cross sectional study.

Study population: Study will
be conducted over the period of three months during the months of June and
august of 2018 in Raichur city of Karnataka. Study population for the survey will
be all the healthcare facilities in the Raichur locality.

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Sample size:
This study
will involve, major healthcare facilities where both inpatients and outpatients
are treated(federal or general hospitals) as well as minor healthcare facilities
where only outpatients are treated(blood centre’s, health service posts).

criteria: According to recent report by National Institution
for Transforming India, also called NITI Aayog, the Raichur city is called
as a backward district along with 114 other districts of India. Community
health in such backward district can be achieved by proper HCW management
practices in various healthcare facility.

collection procedure: Principle investigator along with trained data
collection team will be visiting the site. After explaining the design and
purpose of the study, data will be collected using standard and validate world
health organization(WHO) questionnaire for assessment of HCW management and the
same is later analyzed.

control: The standard WHO questionnaire consists of all the
aspects of HCW management practices. Amount of HCW generated per bed is
tabulated for one week.

Confidentiality: The anonymity
of the participants will be maintained throughout the study. A written informed
consent will be obtained from each participant.

tool: Data analysis will be done using      
        . Statistical description
such as percentage, mean and standard deviation will be calculated.

consideration: Ethical clearance will be obtained from IEC
(Institutional Ethical Committee) of Navodaya Medical College, Hospital and
Research Centre, Raichur, Karnataka, prior to the onset of study.

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