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Understanding the nine
strategic staffing decisions are essential for future and present hires.
Firstly, in SouthWest there is a healthy balance of a core and flexible
workforce. South West provides a core workforce through benefits through
financial security, as well as extensive discounts for full-time dedicated
employees, while still having a flexible work schedule. Another strategy
SouthWest uses is by hiring internally to develop talent. By tracking talent
South West uses two programs MIT and MIT II, with that another program was
created for external candidates, ELD. In addition, SouthWest hires candidates
with minimal to no skills in the position of Flight Attendants. It is known for
the company to require a 4-week training paid by South West as mandated by FAA.
As candidates are stable in the position South West strategically retains
talent rather than to replace to proceed in other position in South West for
development in leadership. Additionally, another element used is focusing on 3
attributes when hiring rather than skills such as: desiring to excel, putting
others first, and being passionate. The sixth element used is by staffing
proactively including flight attendants to demonstrate preflight safety with
the ability to perform CPR and customer care before, during, and after the
flight. Likewise the seventh element is a critical roll to look for in finding
the best candidate and that is through screening. Candidates who are outgoing
with inherent attitudes are most likely vital while having a true understanding
of SouthWest’s vision and mission statement. Unlike other companies South West
treats the staff as investments rather than a cost. The results through this
strategy is examined by the yearly turn over rate. The company as a whole
retains 96% employees and has a turn over rate of 4-5%. The ninth element of
staffing is used through centralizing due to the high volume of applications.
This approach is channeled through screening rather than recruiting so that
similar requirements apply to all candidates. 

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