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P4 – “explain the main factors affecting current patterns of health in the I-JK” In this part of the task, I will be explaining how the following 4 main factors affect health. They are 1 . Socio economic 2. Lifestyle 3. Genetic 4. Environmental Socio economic Socioeconomic status shows a main role in health. However, it doesn’t Just affect the health care; it affects diet, housing conditions, and environmental conditions.

The sophisticated and developed your socioeconomic status is, the superior and improved health care treatment you have. This tolerates you to get repetitive check- ps, also have surgeries without distressing about the fact that you simply cannot afford it, etc. It as well gives you the chance to find a doctor outside of your insurance network; but individuals of advanced socioeconomic status can afford to pay for the Dr that simply isn’t covered by insurance.

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However higher socioeconomic lets you live in an environment with heat, conditioning etc. Lifestyle Lifestyle plays an important role in your health. The work we do affects our health. Certain types of work contain continued dull actions or reduced stages of activity that ossibly will lead to muscular problems, strained vision, and other health problems. Even the individual with the tiring and full of activity schedule can make room for physical activity, and having fun.

However the foods we eat affect on our health and numerous studies show that good diet and nutrition lowers the risk for many diseases. Moreover, our food habits can actually get on heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes etc or help prevent them. Leisure activities such as reading, playing cards and other activities have likewise been revealed to have a positive effect on health by educing stress. Environmental Many things in the environment can affect our health.

Hazardous matters set up in the air, soil and water can create from a range of causes, such as rural and developed activities, landfill, storage tanks etc. Health officers work with people, communities, government and agencies during the public to remove coverage to health and can add to asthma and allergic reactions, chemical poisoning etc. The value of indoor air is an important health worries during the public because Missourians used a usual of 90 percent of their time inside.

However the high population mass in numerous deprived urban areas means that involvements at a small scale level can help various individuals, and remaining organisation can from time to time be progressed to meet health demands. Involvements at higher policy levels will make more supportable and reasonable living conditions and environments. Genetics Genes affect health in a number of ways since they can place us at changing stages of risk for matters like heart disease, weight gain, and even depression. Susceptibility

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