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            Universal Healthcare is a
controversial topic in the United States. There are those who believe it is
part of the constitution for all citizens to have access to affordable health
insurance. Then there are those who think that each individual should pay for
their own insurance. In a 2014 there were thirty three million people who did
not have health insurance. (“Right to healthcare,”2017).  To elaborate, the numbers of people with out
access to affordable health care are more likely to live shorter lives and more
prone to illnesses than those who do have access. Considering that there are
racial and ethnic health disparities that affect minorities, they are already
less likely to go for regular checkups. Also, lacking in the financial aspect
to pay for those checkups, their health is affected. Therefore, universal
healthcare should be more considered as it can increase the overall public
health and help from economical standpoint.

            Based on findings, the pros to
making healthcare accessible to all citizens of the United States can improve
the health of many. It is commonly known that those who can afford healthcare
have access to medical attention needed for healthy lifestyles. Another
essential point is that racial disparities that are experience can be reduced
due to a pro prospective of health insurance for all. For example the
affordable care act that was implemented by Obama helped decrease the racial
disparities based on a study done in 2016. “…racial and ethnic
minorities, who have historically encountered more disparities in coverage and
access, have improved more on these measures under the ACA compared with
whites. African Americans seem to have benefitted the most in terms of
uninsured rates.”(Chen,
Vargas-Bustamante, Mortensen,& Ortega, 2016). In addition to better health,
the United States can gain economical growth due to having all citizens
insured. Being healthy is a result of access to health care, and being healthy
results in more people going to work and less sick days. Therefore, increasing
productivity and cutting losses due to poor health.

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            In contrast to the pros of what the
United States should do for health care insurance. There are cons that bring up
big points in our modern day America. One argument is that the quality of care
will not be as great. A universal healthcare would mean more people going to
the healthcare facilities and would results in longer wait time. When it comes
to racial disparities, minorities already feel like their health care needs are
not met. Asian Americans in particular are an understudied minority and they
are one example of how an already lack of resources can increase for them. “The
rate of unmet healthcare needs in the present sample was particularly high.

More than 11% of the sample reported that they had been unable to receive
medical care in the past 12 months despite their needs.”(Jang, et
al.,2017). The quote shows how Asian American study done on the different
nationalities of Asia, 11% said they were not satisfied with their healthcare. Similarly
stated, when a poll was done on whether Americans think healthcare should be a
right, the majorities disagree. Gallup did the poll, and more than half would
be dissatisfied if the government made sure that Americans had to be insured. (“Right to healthcare,”2017).

            In conclusion, the United States is
at split when it comes to healthcare. While some view it as too much socialism,
for the U.S. Healthcare should be a right, the health of the people should be
more important. If having to pay more taxes so that people with fewer
opportunities can have access to healthcare than so be it. Taxes are already
high and used on things that do not benefit the rest. Denmark for example has
universal healthcare and their people pay more in taxes but yet they are
considered one of the happiest countries in the world. The United States can
benefit if they find the right balance when it comes to healthcare.

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