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Survey of U.S. History

17 January 2018

Unit 1: Initial

Christopher Columbus and Bartolome
de las casas, both wrote documents about their experience on their voyages.
These experiences would be classified as primary not secondary sources. Primary
sources are “original materials that were created during the time being studied
or by someone with firsthand knowledge of the event” (Shmoop). They were
written in the exact time as when these voyages were happening which meant they
were very accurate and they were written by the people that went on the voyage.
Columbus wrote his journal to keep a record of his first voyage. He wanted to
keep a day to day basis of what was going on during his journey. Las Casas
wrote his brief account to point out the mistreating of the Indies. The
Spaniards treated them horrible and he wanted to expose this and help the

Columbus and Las Casas had
very different views of the Natives. Columbus looked at them as poor and
thought they would make very good servants. He thought they were beautiful
people but looked at them as good slaves. On the other hand, Las Casas thought
they were innocent, obedient and faithful to their native masters and Spanish
Christians they served at the time. He also thought they were not wicked or
deceitful and humble. Now let’s look at the biases that Columbus and Las casas
had. Las casas wanted to protect the natives, and he wanted to make sure they
were not held captive as slaves. He was a bishop, so he never wanted to see
people the way the Natives were. However, Columbus on the other hand displayed
a sense of insularity towards the Natives. He had the agenda of the Britain empire
on his mind, so he did not care about how they were treated he just wanted what
was best for the kingdom. And as a result, the natives people were affected by
European contact. Columbus’s lack of concern for their culture destroyed the
native people. The way they lived and everything they knew were exploited.
Diseases were brought to the natives and they also were enslaved in a European

























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