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We all knows website speed is the most important thing to rank your site higher and it’s also effect on user’s experience.

Google announced in 2010 that they n

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 Before the most of the users are on computer base when mobile has not yet famous as it is now. so, Google announced in 2010, that they are a mobile first company and they have start working on which website speed is better to rank it first.

It will also affect when a user face long time buffering on server. A site which loads in more than 3 seconds is considered as not a good speed time.  

If you have a swift site which loads very fast will definitely help to increase the site rank up and better user’s experience. So, if you have a website which is not a good in speed then here is the best steps which can be speed up your WordPress site.


What Factors That Affect Site Loading Time

You have planned to speed your website, before you do that you must have to understands that factors those effects on your site to decrease the loading time. So when you understand that strategy then you be able to speed it up accordingly.


1)      Better Website Hosting

Your hosting plays a key role to speed up the loading time. When you buy a cheap hosting services then it might effect on loading time and decrease the speed to read out the database. They just optimized Apache and their services only but not the full server.

You have a sharing hosting with cheap rates it might be connected to other 200+ websites, those sites have to manage as well at the same time.

But if you are affected with higher cost hosting then no doubt it will speed up the site and increase the database reading capability. The recommendation by Google is a site should have below 200 milliseconds of TTFB to load full site.


2)      Choosing the Right Themes and Plugins

The second thing which have to considered for good speed is that, always select the right SEO optimized themes and less plugins.  A light weight hosting gives less stress to hosting on its end.

Always choose theme which has less coding and a number of useable plugins only. Some of the themes has those plugins and extra codes you’d never need.

Similarly, some of the plugins that we use for sharing posts on social media or like Google plus follow button etc which make the site more time to load up completely. Better you can share manually on social networks or need those plugins when you really need this.

Try to not install multiple plugins that we are not using currently. For example plugins like some times we keep a same plugin with free and paid version, custom font and typography plugins etc that is the weight on the server.


3)      Optimize Your Images and Database

Most of the WordPress users are not aware of this simple thing and they use higher resolution images without optimizing their sizes. Higher resolution images are the second main factor of being slow buffering time on the sight.

Most of the websites hosting bandwidth is consumed by the higher resolution images you use within your blog posts and pages.

To optimize images there are number of plugins that can compress the whole website images and optimize them. One of them is WP Smush which can compress bulk images with a single click on the WordPress admin dashboard.

As well the files are stored in data base like posts, plugins, plugins cache and images files etc. The bigger your website becomes the site more time to load up. To optimizing your databases, try to improve your site loading time by reducing the spam comments, fake users who register on your site etc.


4)      Install Cache Clear Plugins

To speed up any WordPress website with simplest and quickest way is clearing cache from your website regularly. Clearing caching daily or regularly helps the database to delete unwanted stull and improve the speed of your website for user experience.

Don’t need to install multiple caching plugins always use single and use full one as there are many are many plugins available in WordPress store some of them are paid and others are free.

                                 i.            W3 Total Cache: This is the most famous plugin used for cache clearing to optimize your website performance and speed up your WordPress site.


                               ii.            WP Super Cache:  This caching plugin is developed by the WordPress team itself This plugin is super useful for compressing pages, it generates the simple statics files for the dynamic WordPress sites.


5)      Keep WordPress Up to date

WordPress teams are always working to improve the WordPress regularly to keep your sites both faster and safer. For that you have to upto date with you WordPress version and plugins. A new update always fix the bugs from the older version and it is also better supported to the latest browsers.

So make sure to update your WordPress whenever there’s a newer version is available on your dashboard.  Before updating it is better to back your complete website, it might be possible while updating the connection has lost and some of the files are not loaded white updating process it may cause to restore your WordPress. 

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