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we thought we’d better go and find outexactly how microwaves work with cookingand it’s quite interesting so we’re allused to cooking with gas or an electriccooktop where if you need more heat youturn up the gas and you can see it turnup and turn it down and you can adjustit through the cooking cycle microwavesare of what simply a wave like a wave onwater or sound waves in the air how amicrowave produces heat is withsomething called a magnetron that’s whatthis is and this can create differentamounts of heat in the food but becausepeople haven’t been able to vary theamount of the heat in their microwavethey’re all running on flat-out it’s abit like trying to cook on your cooktopon high heat the whole time that we wentinto people’s homes and we talk to themand we ask them to cook in themicrowaves and what we found was therewere some problems that people werehaving they found the control quiteconfusing a whole bunch of buttons therethat they just don’t use that and theydidn’t know what they did so we setourselves a challenge to design amicrowave that had a really easy-to-useinterface as well as cook foods to giveyou the results that you want we gottogether with our team of food thinkerswhich consists of food experts andengineering and design experts andtogether we looked into how to getbetter control over the temperature butalso we needed to work on reallyunderstanding what needed to happen withthe food and the idea there was for usto spend time in our Test Kitchentesting everything that people want tocook so that we can build all of thatintelligence into the machinewe tested thousands and thousands ofdifferent varieties of food withdifferent times of the differenttemperatures over and over again so thatwe could arrive at the ideal settingsand then we’ve programmed that in soit’s really the press of a button thisis our interface what we’ve worked on ismaking this really as simple and easy touse as we can we wanted to give peoplecontrol over the heat we’ve added apower bar here and a dial so I can justset that on to 70%and pressed up and away it goeswe’ve also done something else but noother microwave does we’ve made it sothat you can adjust the power whileyou’re cooking if I just press Start andthen I think Oh actually I wanted tohave that on 70% then I can turn thatdown while it’s running I can alsoadjust the time on the flight if I wanttoso we really have taken the philosophythat we don’t want to limit people orforce them to do things in anyparticular way you’ll also notice on thefront panel that there’s three buttonswhich say smart cook smart reheat andsmart defrost so we know that people usereheat and defrost a lot with microwaveswhat people don’t necessarily know isthat they can cook a lot of stuff fromscratch in their microwave oven manyfoods actually need you to change theheat setting while they’re heating notnot at the beginning but actually duringso we’ve gone ahead and made a smartcook function as well and that has allthe different food types again in themenu a really good example of thatactually is baked beans a lot of bakedbean tins will say heat on high stir andthen heat on high again and I find thatnine times out of 10 I get boilingaround the edge and cold in the middleand also a few exploding which make thecavity inside the microwave hard toclean we tested baked beans over andover again at all different amounts andwe came up with all of the differentpower settings that you need and thetime that you need to get the bestresult and then we’ve programmed that inin keeping the interface as simple as wecould when you open the door you’ll seethere’s actually an extra row of buttonsin here which shortcut buttons we havesome auto functions there’s a popcornyou can soften butter in this anothergreat shortcut is milk chocolate so I’vegot these chocolate melts 75 grams I’mjust going to put those in the microwaveand then I’ll just press the shortcutfor milk chocolateand input 75 grams and press Startbut the important thing with chocolateis if you overheat it it seizes andthere’s a chemical change and it’sirreversible so you have to throw itaway so what we’re doing here is meltingit very gently so that when it’s done Ican take it out and it just needs to bestirred and then it’s ready to goso that’s finished and all I need to dois take that out and you’ll see it’s allgoing to melt so you could use that inbaking or to make an amazing hotchocolate each kind of chocolate isslightly different if I needed to putsome more heat into that I just put thechocolate back in and I just hit a bitmore so it’s remembered the weight it’sremembered the power level and it’s justadded more time another great shortcutFair especially for baking is softenedbutter now I’ve got 250 grams so I pressthe softened butter in put the 250 gramsand press Startso that’s finished and let’s just have alook now what we want is softened butternot melted butter for you no cakerecipes or other things so let’s justcheck how soft that is look at that andjust easily push my thumb in we want youto worry about what you’re cooking andnot to think about our when do I put inthis information all that so we want tomake that as simple and intuitive to useand also import it in any way that youwant

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