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What does it mean to be a citizen Essay BY Jabraha4774 The word “citizen” is defined as a native or naturalized member of a state or nation who owes allegiance to its government and is entitled to its protection. To be a citizen of the world, we owe our allegiance to the earth and what she brings us. We rely on her to bring us wood, air, water, precious metals, soil, coal, plants, animals, and to keep us safe from the dangers of the outside solar system.

In order to be a citizen of the world, a person must contribute to their own community, keep the earth well and lean so that she will be able to provide us with everything we need, and a citizen of the world must also help others learn that contributing to the earth is important. To be a citizen of the world, one must contribute yourself to your community. You got to do your part to add to the community. In Erich Maria Remarque’s book, All Quiet on the Western Front, he shows Paul and his comrades doing their part by going the war.

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They are doing their part by serving the country. In the Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, Pa, Ma, and the rest of the Joad family do their part by growing crops. They are doing their part by feeding America. We all need to do our part that will contribute to the society so that all of us can benefit from it. A citizen of the world also keeps the earth healthy. To be a citizen of the world, you must help keep the earth healthy. No one wants to be walking knee-deep in trash. There are many benefits to keeping the world healthy.

First, you would be able to breathe easier because there would be more oxygen in the air. Second, you will keep the beaches where we have our vacation getaways clean for years to come. Third, if we keep the earth healthy, the next generation will be able to enjoy the world we have lived in. We want our children to be able to not worry about smog and landfills causing them to wear oxygen masks. If we start now, we will be able to live healthier as well as the earth. In the Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, he explains that farmers caused the Dust Bowl in the midwest by over cultivating.

If the farmers didn’t irrigate the way they did during the Great Depression, there probably wouldn’t have been a great move to the West such s the move to California and that much Hoovervilles. The farmers would have been able to grow crops and been able to pay the tenants. Due to the farmers over cultivating the land, the Dust Bowl happened and cotton was the only thing that grew, Not being able to pay for their farms and land, farmers were forced out of the land causing most to head up to California.

A series of problems can happen Just by a small thing. This is known as “the domino effect. ” The domino effect is a series of related events; an event that follows the preceding one. Todays problems are a result of the domino effect. During the Great Depression, Hoovervilles were caused by moves to California which wouldn’t have happened if farmers were able to pay their tenants and been able to grow crops. In the Grapes of Wrath, Ma and Pa Joad leave Granma’s body in a coroner’s office due to not having the money to bury her.

They rejoin the family at Hooverville, a large, crowded, and dirty camp full of hungry Tamllles unaDle to Tina work. 10 De a cltlzen 0T tne world, a cltlzen must also De aDle to help others in their time of need. It is essential that a citizen of the world teaches others why contributing to the community is important. Contributing to the community helps keep the earth a better place to be. Either by doing community service or by simply by not littering would help keep the earth clean.

The earth is a delicate place. Today, we are suffering from global warming and the earth’s axis shift which are causing a lot of problems. Some of them include the glaciers melting faster, ozone layer diminishing, and weather changes. Humans caused all these problems themselves. If we had taken a little bit of effort to keeping the earth healthy, we probably won’t have some of the problems we have today. As simple as planting a tree will help contribute the earth.

The architectural magazine, eVolo, holds a competition every year on creating something to contribute to the earth. Some of the ideas they have gotten are vertical landfill skyscraper which is a skyscraper that holds all the trash in a city, polar umbrella buoyant skyscraper which helps slow the melting of the ice caps, soundscraper which arnesses all the noise highways make and converts it into energy, and a pH conditioner skyscraper which places plants on the roofs of buildings to create a cleaner air.

These are some of the ideas that people have come up with that they thought will influence the world to make it a better place to be. Others are also building wind farms and solar fields. These are also a good start that will help everyone to build a green earth. A person who contributes to the community, keeps the earth clean, and helps teach others why cleaning the earth is important is a citizen of the world. A citizen of the world contributes to the community.

Everyone has to do our part so that everyone can benefit from it. A citizen of the world keeps the earth well and clean. If the earth isn’t healthy, problems will start to happen causing a lot of trouble on humans. A citizen also teaches others why keeping the earth healthy is important. Helping the community is important due to the problems humans have caused. It is our fault and we have a responsibility to fix it. All these things make a person a citizen of the world.

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