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What are some disruptive innovations brewing in your industry? Think about a pain point among organizations in your industry and how IT can create new value.                Disruptive innovation in the commercial real estate industry are often the rapid advances in technology.  At CBRE, we stay ahead of our competitors by acquiring new platforms and launching our own platforms to better serve our clients.  We have a multitude of integrated services that we use to create client value.  Our offerings are broad and help support our massive footprint.  With more than 450 locations and 75,000 employees, it is imperative that CBRE anticipates rapid shifts in technology.  IT adds tremendous value, especially for our clients with large portfolios.  It is critical in this digital economy that we leverage our technology and use it to reveal active insights and create actionable strategies for all our users.  Do you agree with the authors that Uber is not a disruptive innovation? Why?                I do not agree with the author.  As it relates to new-market footholds, I believe Uber created a market that did not exist.  While Uber provides rides for its customers just like taxi services, the way they provide those services are revolutionary.  Uber is as disruptive to the ‘ride for hire’ industry as Airbnb is to the hospitality industry.  Both required unprecedented innovation and the incumbents, being taxi services and short-term lodging, have been impacted.  However, Uber has been far more disruptive.  Not only did Uber cause the taxi services to stumble, they are approaching obsolescence.  Furthermore, taxi services are generally intended for a single passenger.  Uber offers ride sharing and car pool options to its consumer.  Uber Pool, gives passengers the option to share a ride and pay a significantly lower fare.  Regardless of the authors interpretation of disruptive innovation, how many taxi’s do we see on the road today? A good analogy would be: Uber is to the taxi service as Netflix was to Blockbuster.  It is only a matter of time before taxis are completely obsolete and Uber, Lyft, and similar companies dominate the personal transportation industry.                 The author stated that disruption, “describes a process whereby a smaller company with fewer resources is able to successfully challenge established incumbent businesses.”  Uber does not own any vehicles.  Individuals offer their own vehicles to drive for Uber.  Not only did they challenge the taxi service, they are decimating the taxi service without a single vehicle for driving passengers.  That is extremely innovative and disruptive.  Also, Ubers reach far surpasses that of any taxi service.  According to the Christensen et al., “Disruptors often build business models that are very different from those incumbents.”  I suggest that Uber did exactly that, by creating a business model that we have never seen before, and they were in fact disruptive in entering the market.Is the Online MBA a disruptive innovation based upon the definition used by Christensen et al.? How likely is it that higher education institutions will concede any part of the business of education to low-end or new-market IT entrants?                I do not believe the Online MBA is a disruptive innovation.  For the most part, the institutions and/or “incumbents” providing the brick and mortar MBA programs, are the same institutions that offer Online MBAs.  The Online MBA just happens to be another arm or additional product offering of their business programs.  While Online MBAs might create a new-market foothold, they do not force the incumbents to stumble.  I do not believe that higher education institutions will concede any part of the business of education to low-end or new-market IT entrants.  Higher education institutions are well endowed and have the resources to compete in the digital economy.  Conceding in anyway could compromise their brand equity.

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