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What were his main lines of thought?In January 1776, Thomas Paine published Common Sense after moving the Philadelphia.This was the first pamphlet to advocate American independence. It talked about ideas that would remain central to Paine’s thought: the superiority of republican government over a monarchical system, equality of rights among all citizens, and the world significance of the American Revolution. Paine transformed the struggle over the rights of English people into a contest with meaning for people everywhere. In a world ‘overrun with oppression,’ America would be ‘an asylum for mankind.’ In Common Sense, Thomas Paine wants American independence. His argument begins with theoretical reflections about government and religion. He then goes onto the specifics of the colonial situation. Later on Thomas Paine went on to write the famous crisis papers which started with the famous line ‘These are the times that try men’s souls’.  The was to help out the moral of Washington’s army.In 1787 after returning to Europe, Thomas Paine striked again this time writing the Rights of the Man were he defended the revolution against the attacks of Edmund Burke and proposed a new vision of the republican state as a promoter of the social welfare. he wanted to bring policies such as progressive taxation, retirement benefits, and public employment.How were these received at the time at the time?Common Sense sold 150,000 copies in 1776. This was due to both the persuasiveness of Paine’s argument and the clarity and power of his literary style. This was effective since the mass audience was unfamiliar with legal precedents, classical learning, and complex rhetoric, so Paine had simple argument.Charged with revolting libel that brought to an end the monarchy in Britain, Paine fled to France, where he became one rare stranger to be elected to the National Convention. His opposition to the execution of the king angered the Jacobins. When   they came to power, Paine was sent in prison.When he returned to America in 1802, Paine was assaulted by evangelical Christians for his deist writings. Only six mourners attended the funeral of this brave  man, who in the past had inspired millions to think in new ways about the world. Why did he upset so many different people?After his release in 1794, he produced his last pamphlets: The Age of Reason. This exposed deism and attacked the basic principles of Christianity, and Agrarian Justice, a call for land reform.He mainly upset tons of people because he had the guts to criticize everything that he didn’t agree with. He criticized the government at that time, leading to the government’s annoyment. He also criticized the basics of Christianity which of course led to a lot of anger towards him since most of the people at that time were themselves Christians.To what extent do you consider his life a success?I consider his life a very good success because this man thought for what he believed in. Of course, his ideas didn’t always have a positive impact on him or on the society at that time, but his main piece of work still exists today and is called the Rights of the Man. This shows that he work payed off. At least he did what he wanted to do without giving up at anypoint, not regarding all the assaults.I think the end of his life was relatively unfair compared to the work he showed during his whole life. People didn’t realise that he was the key to the changes.Choose and explain what you think his most significant quote?To my eyes his most important and significant quote was: ‘These are the times that try men’s souls’ .During the winter, Paine decided to write something to try to renew the patriotic spirit of American soldiers and discourage them from deserting or going home when their enrollment period was up. He wanted to say that only in difficult times we would see mens courage.This ended up being the first of  many “American Crisis” pamphlets.Compare Paine to the people you have studied so far, would he fit in?

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