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When I began this class, my first aim was to
understand the difference between Alzheimer’s and amnesia, as both the diseases
have the similar effects. Learning about it in the chapter memory, it said that
they are two types of amnesia, first is retrograde amnesia and the other
anterograde amnesia. Retrograde amnesia is when one cannot remember or recall old
memories and anterograde amnesia is when one cannot form new memories. And with
time as I saw her mental health getting worse, it occurred to me that she was
unable to form new memories, which meant she was going through anterograde
amnesia. My findings did not satisfy me and therefore, I explored and schemed
through both the topics, again. After learning about both the topics again from
the online textbook I was provided with and the book that was available from
the bookstore, I discovered my grandmother had in fact a severe case of
Alzheimer’s and with age it had become worse. I may not be a psychologist by
profession, but the way the material regarding memory was taught, I was able to
give or come up with a firm conclusion. My grandmother suffered from Alzheimer’s
and with time it was just getting worse. What was worrisome to me was that
nobody was unable to tell what was happening to her. Regardless, of how worse
her condition was getting no one tried to consult a psychologist. 

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