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When most of us are young, we dream of being adults. We think that the adult lifestyle is fun and exciting, but we often find out very quickly that what we once thought was nothing but a huge misunderstanding. Most of us get the abrupt impact of adulthood once we begin college. The transition from high school to college is truly life changing, and a lot of us start to become more mature. One of the main reasons as to why people become more mature when they enter college is because many people start working when they begin their college experience. Working is a lot to handle regardless of if you are in school or not, but I want to find out if and how employment affects college students. My main goal is to prove that working is actually beneficial for college students, and can really improve their academic performance.One reason why employed college students perform better academically is because working can actually help students with time management. Many people who do not perform well in school are not managing their time correctly, therefore their work gets piled up and that also increases the amount of stress they have.  ¨Most studies conclude that this is only the case when the student’s number of hours worked per week exceeds 20 hours. In fact, students who work fewer than 15-20 hours often report higher GPAs than those who do not work at all¨ (Dundes of BYU Employment Services). Although students are working and that might sound as if they do not have enough time to focus on their school work, employment actually allows students to understand the significance of time management. Once they realize that they cannot afford to fool around, students will get back from their job and immediately start their homework or begin studying. Another reason why employment can benefit students´ performance in college is because working can help students work on their engaging skills. For instance if someone works as a waiter, their job consists of speaking to multiple people a day. This can help people with classes that might give multiple presentation tasks because the student will have a lot of experience with speaking, and being nervous probably won’t be a worry for them since their job is all about speaking. Or what if a student’s job is being a tutor? While teaching other people, they can learn more about certain subjects and even apply what they teach into their daily classes.As I stated before, college students who are employed tend to be a lot more mature than students who are unemployed. The last thing you want to be in college is immature, because your professors are going to let you have it! According to studies shown by BYU, ¨Dundes and Marx (2006) reported that 74 percent of student workers believed that employment forced them to become more efficient.¨ Employment allows college students to be able to afford the things they need for school, and when they see that they are not struggling financially, that makes them less stressed . And when students are less stressed, they perform a lot better academically.However, there are only a certain amount of working hours that will benefit a student’s academic performance. According to Collin Smith in his article for BYU, ¨working more than 20 hours a week contributes to a higher likelihood that students will drop out of school before receiving a degree.¨ Working can also increase the amount of stress that a student could have, in which case some students might become too lazy to do their school work. Some students might come home from their long days at work and just sleep. Working is a very big deal in life even though it is a requirement for everyone in order to survive, but I feel that students should manage their working hours correctly and then they´ll have no worries.BYU research also states ¨Most studies conclude that this is only the case when the student’s number of hours worked per week exceeds 20 hours. In fact, students who work fewer than 15-20 hours often report higher GPAs than those who do not work at all (Dundes)¨. One solution to make sure that students can maintain their jobs is by having colleges limit the amount of hours that their students could work. Brigham Young University does not allow their students to work past 20 hours, and the students who go there have no trouble keeping a consistent grade point average. Another solution would be for colleges to have more jobs on-campus. If a student works and goes to school in the same place, they become very familiar to the environment and the people around so they become more comfortable in the college. There is no problem with working while being a college student if you manage your time correctly, in fact, it is even better than being unemployed as a student.

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