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When disease breaks out among farm animals and other animals it can cause a major set back in the industry. Serious outbreaks can kill large populations if not treated.  “Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world.” A quote from Louis Pasteur NBAF used in their video on their new research institute. The institute researches how to control animal diseases and outbreaks. The National Bio and Agro-defense Facility or NBAF for short is a disease research facility. It ensures that our nation’s food supply is safe to eat and doesn’t carry diseases. NBAF is located in Manhattan, Kansas. When the facility is finished it will be 690,000 square feet. While it is still being worked on the NBAF facility will have a visitors center with many displays for the visitors to look at. Then there is a pathway that leads to the research facility with a small waterfall to make it more relaxing. The main research lobby is an open 4 story meeting place for visitors, staff and researchers so if they need to they can collaborate with each other. The research labs with have color schemes to make the animals calmer and to indicate what they are studying. With rooms to hold the animals multiple researchers can research on the same animal. The National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility will be the nations only BSL-4 research and diagnostic laboratory. The NBAF is still being worked on and won’t be done until approximately May 2021. This facility cost $1.25 billion and is only about 38% finished. While the facility will be researching many unknown diseases they will also be researching more common ones too. Bovine babesiosis is a very common disease spread by ticks. Symptoms include high fever, teeth grinding, mania, involuntary movements of the legs, anorexia, and often separated from the herd. Researchers found that mild cases can recover without treatment others if caught early can be treated with an antiparasitic drug. Tetanus is another common disease of animals and humans. Tetanus is an infection caused by deep wounds that allow spores to germinate multiply and produce toxin. Symptoms include stiffness, unwilling to move, and twitching muscles in response to noise. The known treatments are injecting antitoxin into the wound injecting relaxants help relax the stiff muscles. To help this animal they should be in a dark room and fed through a tube. To prevent these diseases they should be vaccinated and well taken care of.     There are many things you shouldn’t feed to your live stock. Swill is an example of what not to feed to your live stock. Swill is material that can contain animal or bird parts or their waste. If animals eat this they can get many diseases which could end in death if they are not caught soon enough. These diseases can the be transported to humans when we eat the meat from that animal. Then back to the cattle when we throw wrappers, bottles and cans out our car windows and into pastures on the side of the road. Cattle not knowing it is bad will eat it, resulting in cuts that turn into infections that end in death. With less cattle the ranchers will lose profit and make it harder to raise the cattle properly. To prevent this the easiest way it to just put it in a trash when you find one. Once you find out your cattle are sick you should immediately tell the closest large animal veterinarian so they can help identify and cure your cattle,and prevent it from spreading. Major benefits from disease control is we learn how to take care of our animals and we don’t have to watch them suffer through a terrible disease even the human race benefits from disease, everyone gets to eat when they are hungry and they don’t have to worry about getting sick. ” Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. Never stop questioning”. ~ Albert Einstein. I believe that this quote goes well with my topic because to me it means that we learn from the mistakes and problems of yesterday, as we fix them today, and make plans to improve ourselves for our future. We never stop questioning because there is always (an answer) or a new perspective.  

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