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When comparing past generations to this same age group today, this group does not yet feel like an adult and is most frequently in a period of repeated change. Arnett (1998) and Greene et al. () These changes are not demographic but changes that are more individualistic characteristics such as qualities of character, accepting responsibility of one’s self, making independent decisions, and becoming financially independent which determine whether the individual feels they have reached adulthood. These individual characters shifts seem to be the determining factors that allow an individual to feel they have progressed to adulthood. ()Sense of CallingA sense of calling and vocation to one’s work is assumed to have positive work-related effects on job performance and satisfaction, citizenship in the workplace, and overall well-being.A sense of vocation and calling holds “other-oriented” values and goals as a source of motivation for one’s work. () A sense of calling motivations come from outside sources beyond the self-coming from sources such as God, the needs of society or fate. () There are three dimensions involved with the sense of calling. The first dimension is the extent a person perceives their motivation is coming from an external source. () Some individuals may experience more than one type of external motivation. () The second dimension is being mindful of the purpose of mindfulness in one’s work and seeing how their work affects the broader context of life in purpose and meaning. () The third dimension is in some positive way either directly or indirectly is their work contributing to “the common good” or “well-being of society.” () There are both religious and nonreligious components to a sense of calling. Though it is shown that the more religious or spiritual you are, the higher the sense of calling you have. () The Calling in Vocation Questionnaire (CVQ) is theoretically derived, a multidimensional instrument designed to assess a sense of calling in the domain of work. ()

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