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When it come to pregnancy you really have to agree that
swollen feet is one of the most common signs besides morning sickness. It is
what you may over hear doctors refer to as edema and is caused by the body
producing close to 50% more blood and fluids in order to meet the needs of the
developing baby. This swelling may be experienced in the hands, face, legs,
ankles, and feet. It is an unpleasant experience for some if not most pregnant
women  but not to worry , I got your
back, here are the most effective tips to manage that swelling:


Drink  Water

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Doctors advice that you take 8 to 10 glasses of water which
is about 2 litres of water.This may sound absurd as you might tend to think you
already have enough water and thats why you might be swelling, but hear me out:
Water has been confirmed to  helpssweep
away toxins and excess sodium levels and waste products in the body. This in
turn helps in minimizing the extent of swelling. So go by this, keep hydrated.


Take a Walk

This is the last thing you would likely want to do with
swollen feet it is proven to alleviate swelling. It helps to keep the blood
circulating in the body. Walking is healthy and has a positive effect on the
pregnant women. Try keep those legs moving but be sure to consult your doctor
for advice before embarking on this.


Lay down with your feet up

Incase you get a chance to lie down , stacking some pillows
if possible below and in so doing make sure your feet is above your hips. try
avoiding to cross your feet as this may restrict blood flow and counter our
efforts to manage swelling. This helps to reduce unwanted pressure from the
uterus. Try to make this part of your daily routine and besides what other
better excuse would you find to put your feet up than being a pregnant woman?


 Minimize salt intake

 Try not to get too
crazy with the salt shaker as too much salt tends to increase swelling in
pregnant women. Moderate on your salt intake .Its a good habit also to avoid
munching on salty snacks, a good trick might be supplementing that with a
couple of fruits. Salt enhances water retention, raises blood pressure and
elevates blood pressure in expectant mothers not to mention unwarranted health
effects on your child.

 This surely makes a
difference and helps to reduce swelling.


standing/sitting for long periods of time

 Standing or sitting
for long period of time is quite discomforting and cause swelling even if you
are not pregnant. The effects on pregnant women most likely will be worse for
them. Take breaks and shift between sitting and standing. Take good precautions
also when travelling especially for long distances.


 Stay Cool

 Swelling tends to
increase significantly with increase in temparature so minimizing outdoor
activity during when it is hot outside is really wise. Try to make sure you
have access to air conditioning and if the heat becomes unbearable its probably
time to make a trip to the pool or beach.


 Wear compression
socks and shoes

 Most of the swelling
pregnant mothers experience is around the ankles and feet. Wearing tight shoes
or heels restrict blood flow towards the feet making the feet swell more and
hurt more. Try to get a prescription from your health provider regarding
compression socks. Depending on the recommended socks or stockings these wear
will aid in reducing swelling and provide needed support to your legs during

 If you experience
severe swelling and discomfort during pregnancy , get in touch with your doctor
as ths can be serious



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