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While its hard to compare and contrast these types of requirements that are need in order to maintain or win these awards you have to understand the difference within them to know. The Baldridge program is a presidential award more focused in the US than that of the ISO 9001 which can be worldwide (ISO 9001 vs. Baldrige National Quality Award (BNQA)).

The Baldrige program is a presidential award in the US for performance superiority, and structure to improve performance (The Baldrige Criteria; ISO 9001, 9004:2009).

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While the two of them require a quality system to be in place in order for them to become applicators, they have to meet the set of requirements that are in place to say hey! In order of this to be legit or even recognizable you will have to meet A,B, and C to be within the place holding of being able to have our title for your organization (Quality Digest – Baldrige and ISO 9001).


ISO 9001 is probable to be checked and reviewed by an inspector to ensure that the quality is being withheld and up to its required standard.  While the BNQA can be self-assessed without ever applying. While these changes may seem small, there is a big change between these two requirements (The Baldrige Criteria; ISO 9001, 9004:2009).

What makes these so different is the type of focus of the Baldrige Award is on enhanced competitiveness.

“The Award Criteria reflect two key competitiveness thrusts: (1) delivery of ever-improving value to customers and (2) improvement of overall operational performance. – Curt Reimann (Quality Digest – Baldrige and ISO 9001)”

 To me the whole appoint of the BNAQ is to hold and encourage the idea of knowledge with the understanding of the competition that is known to keep this award on the top of some companies agenda to improve the quality and exceptional requirements that are need not just for the BNAQ but also for the ISO 9001 (The Baldrige Criteria; ISO 9001, 9004:2009


Within its differences the ISO 900 has a type of conventionality to have practices within its own quality systems, while its main purpose to improve and ease the idea of trade (ISO 9001 vs. Baldrige National Quality Award (BNQA).

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