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the end of the conflicts of the Second War and the defeat of the Nazis, the
German capital Berlin, was divided into four areas. The United States, Britain,
France and the Soviet Union began to command and administer each of these
regions. In 1949, the capitalist countries (United States, France and Great
Britain) made an agreement to integrate their areas into the Federal Republic
of Germany (West Germany). The Soviet sector, East Berlin, became integrated
into the German Democratic Republic (East Germany), following the pro-Soviet
socialist system. By the year 1961, Berliners could freely pass from one side
of the city to the other. However, in August 1961, with the rise of the Cold
War and the great migration of Berliners from the east to the west, the East
German government decided to build a wall dividing the two sectors. It also
enacted laws prohibiting the passage of people to the western sector of the
city. On November 9, 1989, with the crisis of the socialist system in Eastern
Europe and the end of this system in East Germany, the fall of the wall
occurred. Citizens of Germany went to the streets to celebrate the historic
moment and helped to bring down the wall. The symbolic act also represented the
end of the Cold War and the first step in Germany’s reintegration process.

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