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Women deserve not
only the freedom but the dignity to act in accordance with their personal
principles to decide what is best for their own lives and families. Having
an abortion is not a casual decision for most women as it’s often a very unpleasant
and agonizing choice that is personal, complicated, and can be covered with
doubt. A woman reason to abort
is an emotional conviction and such personal choice that taking that away from her
is denying her from her human privilege. The right to abort should favor
women despite the  religion views and
morality and political laws. Denying
a woman of her right to choose is not only wrong but a cruel attempt to control
her body, financial income, education and morality.  Is not the government place to enforce laws
against women choices.  Abortion should
remain legal as it is a physical, mental and emotional experience.

     Pregnancy is not only a physical
experience but also emotional and mental where the woman health is extremely
transformed during the pregnancy. Carrying out an unwanted child  has by far  worse effects on psychical health than the
termination of a pregnancy. Before abortion was even legal,
women would oftentimes try to induce their own abortions by using coat hangers,
knitting needles, radiator flush, or by going to unsafe back-alley procedures. Access to legal and medically professionally
performed abortions reduces injury and death caused by risky, unlicensed
abortions. The risks of complications and death from legal clinics and medical completion  of pregnancy procedures are small and very safe for the patients;
not to mention that the recovery after an abortion is also simple, clean and

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who are denied an abortion often  experienced initial concerns,worrimient,
anxiety and lower self esteem and life satisfaction than women who often received
abortions. They said to  feel more regret
and resentment  and less relief and
hatred than women who had abortions. Oftentimes, the women pursuing abortions were
in very abusive relationships either with their family or spouse. Such decision
is based on their personal safety. Terminating an undesirable pregnancy will
help women avoid physical violence from the man involved in the pregnancy, as it
seems that having a baby from an unwanted pregnancy result in an outcome of  continuous physical, emotional and mental violence
over time. Every woman should be able to have solid and exact information about
all of her options. Authentic Information about abortion should not only
support a woman, but also help her make a decision for herself to empower her
to take care of her health and happiness. It should not be provided with the
intent to intimidate, humiliate or judge a woman personal choice.

Having a baby is such an important decision that requires personal consideration,
financial preparation and mental planning and determination. Abortions avoid
the risk of raising a child in a psychosocially disturbing and unsettling home.
Giving life to an undesirable child might open the doors to a world of troubles
for both not only the mother and child but even the spouse.  

pregnancies are related with unintended pregnancies that are linked with birth
defects, maternal depression and desolation, a high risk of child abuse, lower
educational completion, risk of physical violence during the woman pregnancy,
and lower rates of breastfeeding. Children should be wanted and cared for when coming
into this world. It should be a joyful occasion that should never be considered
a punishment for both the woman and child.

legal abortion procedures are not only safe and effective but it also protects
women from the risk of any illegal abortion. It has many physical as well as psychological,
social, and financial benefits for the women who must choose to have one. The body
of such priority is the mother’s, and it should be only her choice as to what
she wants to experience both mentally and physically. She should be able to do
what she feels is necessary for her body and overall her health in any given
situation. All and every single child born should come into the world needed,
loved, and cared for. Planned pregnancies often have better life future because
parents are better prepared to support their child physically, mentally, emotionally,
and financially stable . Having an abortion does not affect a woman’s
psychological health, while denying one may show more of an immediate mental
health risk than granting an abortion. The goal is to protect women’s health being.
Allowing access to abortion is the most appropriate choice. Restricting isn’t. The
right to abortion despite being contrary to the fundamentalist principles of
the religions, morality and political view is a human right which favors all women.

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