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You’re rushing down the middle of the hill at 60 kilometers an hour, knowing that if you hit a rock, go through a fluffy snow pile or slip on ice you’ll have a yard sale. This report will give you info, facts, and techniques about skiing.If you are going to go skiing, you are going to want some gear, or else you would be tumbling down the hill, hitting everyone. First, you are going to want a helmet. This will protect you from hitting your head and getting a concussion. Then you will want goggles, so the sun and snow don’t blind you. You will want a coat and snow pants so you don’t get all wet and cold. You will need skis of course, too. There are many different types of skis including racing skis, which are thin and long so you go fast, double-tipped skis which have tips on the front and back so you can do tricks and go backwards and more. You will need ski boots or else you won’t be able to put your skis on, and you will need poles to speed up and help you move. Gear is very important.If you want to ski, you will need to know some basic techniques and thing to do on the hill. If you want to go fast, you should tuck down and put your poles in your armpits, this will make you go very fast, even on runs that aren’t steep. If you want to turn while tucking, just shift your skis in the direction you want and you will go the way you want. On the hill, you should do lots of turns, they will help you keep control while still going fast. If you want to do a jump, you should tuck until the jump, and then kind of do a jumping motion which will make you go in the air, and then land with your skis flat. If your racing on with gates, get as close as you can to them on the outside, which will make you go straighter and get to the finish faster. Those are some basics/techniques.Here are some facts and info about skiing. Did you know the word Ski was made up from the Norwegian word “skíð” which means a split piece of wood? I didn’t until now! The first downhill skiing race was in Sweden, Europe in 1879. Alpine skiing as a sport in the Winter Olympics started in 1936. The fastest speed on skis was made by Simone Origone, going 251.4 kilometers an hour! 

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